Allison Cleveland

I began my career in Medical Device Reprocessing in the fall of 2014. Less than a week before I was due to begin my second year at Saint Francis Xavier University I was presented with information about a career in MDR. I was instantly fascinated and immediately switched my career path. I completed my MDR Technicians course through Saskatchewan Polytechnic by 2016 and by February 2017 I was a certified MDRT through CSA. I am an active member of the Infection Control Task Force and have attended multiple IPAC NS conferences as well as MDRANS conferences. I believe these networking opportunities have enabled me to become a better leader by creating working relationships with other facilities in the NSHA. These education accomplishments have enabled me to provide positive contributions to the department in regards to education and new ideas.

I am currently the Team Lead for MDR at the SSRH site located on the South Shore.

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