Lorraine Oxner

Hi, I am Lorraine Oxner, wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 8, active in my church, 4H, care giver to my 95-year-old stepfather, and for the last 27 years a healthcare worker in medical device reprocessing!  I love the outdoors, gardening, camping, travelling, music and crafting. 

I came into MDR when it was still CSR (then SPD) as 10% part-time and very soon had a full-time position.  I took all the courses I could and was the first to take any technician course in Yarmouth through Vancouver Community College.  I got involved in the Union, Occupational Health and Safety, and joined MDRANS.  I studied and got my CMDRT, then took the Central Service Leadership course through Purdue University as well as a management course through NSCC.  In 2019 I applied for the Supervisor position in Yarmouth MDR and was successful in securing that position.

It has been quite the journey, and the advances I have seen in improvements with quality and safety initiatives have been great!  My focus has always been patient and staff safety, along with providing guidance and encouragement to others.  MDRANS has been a great help in getting information through connecting with other technicians at conferences, and with scholarships which I was fortunate enough to win a couple of in the past.  I would like to support the association and help it to grow and continue to aid our profession develop and be recognized for our contribution to healthcare.

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